3 Christian Academies With Great Football Team!

Football Team

Several Christian academies have a football team. What are they? Here are 3 Christian academies that have a football team.

  • Covenant Christian Academy

Covenant Christian Academy has a football team for varsity and junior high school. the football teams has a great track record. They got many awards and have good teamwork.

The Varsity Football Team of Covenant Christian Academy is the Winner of Division IV 2017. Moreover, they have also won and 2 Country Championships, 9 District Championships, 4 Country Finalists, and 8 Country Semi-Finalists.

Apart from that, the football team also has great teamwork, grit, character, and diligence, which are important for playing football.

Furthermore, the coaching staff of the football teams is professional people in football. First, the Varsity Head Coach at Covenant Christian Academy is Phil Towe. Phil Towe is in his second year of being the head coach at Covenant Christian Academy. He has also coached for over 25 years, from junior high to university football. Besides, he also has experience as a University Defense Coordinator.

The next staff is Evan Gay. Evan Gay is the Offensive Coordinator of the football team at Covenant Christian Academy. Previously, he was a coach at Mary Hardin Baylor University who successfully managed to bring his team to the National Champion of Division III in 2018.

Another staff is Vermon Wells. He is an Assistant to Head Coach and Special Teams at Covenant Christian Academy. Furthermore, the Running Back Coordinator is Correll Buckhalter, who has coached at Covenant Christian Academy for 4 years. Before coaching at Covenant Christian Academy, he has coached at NFL for 9 years. The last staff is James “Tank” Reed who is the Line Coach at Covenant Christian Academy.

  • Summit Christian Academy Football Team

Summit Christian Academy has a soccer program since 2004. In the second year in a row, Summit Christian Academy has had great success by reaching the state semifinals. Players from the Summit Christian Academy also managed to qualify for the renowned universities of Olivet Nazarene University, Southern Assemblies of God, Hardin-Simmons University, Texas Tech University, and McMurry University.

The 2020 team of SCA wants to build on this success by bringing back all the players from the 2019 state-level semi-final team. The SCA high school football teams competes in the South Texas Football Conference, while the middle school team has focused on learning the basics lessons and playing as a unit.

  • Pinewood Christian Academy

The varsity patriot team of the Pinewood Christian Academy consists of soccer players who are in junior and senior high school, starting from grade 9 to 12. Just like other varsity sports, this football teams is part of the GISA (Georgia Independent Schools Association) who has the opportunity to compete in the Class AAA.

MS Football’s patriot team consisted of seventh and eighth grades. The junior team plays in the SPAL (Savannah Parochial Athletic League) where most of the matches take place on Thursday or Tuesday in Savannah. The SPAL season lasts about nine weeks.

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