Kinds of Job You Can Find at Christian Academy

Some Job That You

Some job that you can find at Christian academy, if you have a Bachelor Degree in education or others. you might consider trying to find a job at the Christian Academy. Finding the right job will be beneficial for you to improve your skill. Also, you can implement the knowledge you learned at the college before.

Here are some jobs that you can find at the Christian Academy:

  • Elementary Teacher Job

For applying for this position, you need to at least have a bachelor degree in related field. Also, you need to love children and know how to teach them. Some schools also require the job seeker to be able to follow some activities or trainings scheduled by the school. Some also require you to be able to follow the students to several field trips. If you meet the qualifications and you can follow the instructions, then you can apply for the job.

For this role, you will be in charge of the whole class as the class teacher and you will teach several subjects such as science, bola gelinding, English, Math, etc.

  • Some Job Subject Teacher for Middle and High Schools

For this kind of role, of course you need to have the qualification, graduating from university with the same major as the one you apply. You will be in charge of teaching only 1 subject for several classes. Other teachers will handle other subjects and there will be different teacher as the homeroom teacher. You might as well get chosen as the homeroom teacher if the headmaster chooses you.

  • Physical Education Teacher

For this role, you will teach sports to the students. Mainly the headmaster will arrange what class that you need to handle. Some PE teachers might have only few classes but some others might have many classes to teach. When you teach the class, it is not mainly done in the school area. You might as well bring the children to sport center. If you see some potential among your students, you can also train them to be able to join sport competition. It will be a pride of the school when some students are able to get more experience from the competition.

  • Christian Teacher

You will basically teach religion as a Christian Teacher. For this role, you will be in charge of all religious activities in the school. You might also gather some students and teachers at the same time for several bola gelinding activities.

  • Teacher Assistant

In some schools, sometimes they need to hire a teacher assistant because they need to have 2 teachers in the class. You might as well apply for this position if you just graduate and you want to get some experience in teaching. Your main job is to help the main teacher in handling the class, including some preparations before teaching and guiding the students in several field trips.

If you like to have some administrative job, you can also apply for the position. You will help the school regarding the papers regarding the school, receiving the students’ registration and other administrative jobs. Just make sure that you apply for the job that you are passionate of it. Thus, you will do the job happily.