Why Choose Homeschool Program in Christian Academy?

Homeschool Program in Christian

Homeschool program in Christian academy is really good because we know. Every parent wants their child to be a religious person and close to God. During the pandemic due to the Coronavirus, many schools closed learning and teaching activities so that students had to stay at home for an indefinite period. Parents panic because their child is starting to forget all the lessons. Fortunately, their children can join the Christian Academy through the homeschool program. Then, why choose the homeschool program in Christian Academy?

  • Children Can Still Study Formally

The homeschool program is only carried out in the student’s home environment so that students do not need to come to school. The teacher will come to the student’s house to give formal lessons as usual. Just because they join Christian Academy, it does not mean that students do not get science lessons. They will learn many lessons including religion and science.

  • They Will Be Good Boys

As already explained, in the Christian Academy homeschool program, students will learn a lot about religion. They will learn how to get closer to God so that they will become models and religious students. This method is quite effective so that your child doesn’t play too much while at home.

  • They Can Pass and Get a Diploma

Homeschool does not mean students don’t get a diploma. Christian Academy will provide certificates to students who pass the homeschool program. Thus, students can continue to the next education. They can continue to study in university if they want. Homeschool is still formal education, so students will achieve as if they study in a real school.

  • Parents Can Save Costs Homeschool Program

Since students do not have to go to school physically, they can study at home without spending a lot of money. Parents do not need to spend money on carfare, taxi fare, and parents do not need to give pocket money to their children.

  • Parents Can Pay Attention to Their Child

Since students study at home, parents can supervise all their activities so that students will study hard and discipline. Parents can also arrange their child’s time according to their expectations.

  • Students Can Focus On Studying

As we know that when students study at school, they have many friends to play with so that some students do not focus on learning. Meanwhile, the homeschool program will restrict children from playing so that children can focus on studying. The teacher will also focus on one student only and ensure that the student will pass the lesson.

  • More Flexible Timing

When you choose a homeschool program for your child, you can set the study time as you wish. You can let the teacher teach at certain times. For instance, parents can let teachers teach their kids in the morning or evening. The homeschool program at Christian Academy offers flexible time for students.

Finally, Christian Academy offers a homeschool program for kids or students who still want to get knowledge. Students do not need to go to school, but they can study at home with their teachers. Of course, students and parents will get a lot of benefits from this homeschool program.